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28 An Thuong 1 street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city
Than Tai Hot Springs (Suối nước nóng Thần Tài)

Than Tai Hot Springs Danang is an ideal destination for relaxation after stressful working days. Come here, soak in the water, so all stress, pressure, fatigue will disappear. So what's so special about this hot spring? Let's find out.

Where is Than Tai Hot Spring?

Than Tai Hot Springs, whose full name is Than Tai Mountain Hot Spring Park, is located in Ba Na Nui Chua Nature Reserve (Phu Tuc Village, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, City). Danang). The source of hot springs at Than Tai Mountain is a precious natural resource, originating from the top of Ba Na. Discovering and exploiting tourism potential from natural springs at Than Tai mountain brings wonderful and interesting experiences for domestic and foreign tourists.

Than Tai mineral spring parkThe hot springs in Than Tai Mountain are an attractive tourist destination

When to go to Than Tai hot spring?

Located in a nature reserve, Than Tai water park has a cool climate all year round. Therefore, you can travel here any time you like. But according to Da Nang travel experience , the best time to go to Than Tai mountain is from April to September. This is a period of little rain and many public holidays to experience a meaningful holiday with family and friends.

god of wealth mountain


Ticket price to enter Than Tai hot spring park is 350,000 VND/adult (for people from 1.3m and above) and 175,000 VND/child (from 1m to 1.3m). In addition, the cost for each bathing service in the park is also listed as a private Bungalow spa spa service costing 800,000 VND/house (maximum 6 guests), mud bath service costing from 150,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND / tub (depending on the size of the tub) or Onsen bath - Japanese style 'bathing' costs 150,000 VND / person.

Tickets to Than Tai Mountain Tourist AreaTickets to Than Tai mineral spring park are priced from VND 175,000 - VND 350,000

What does Than Tai Hot Spring have?

Hot spring bath, mud bath, tea bath…

Coming to Than Tai hot spring, bathing in hot mineral springs from nature is an indispensable activity when coming here. Water rich in rare and natural minerals is extremely good for the skin, especially some skin diseases such as itching or redness.

Moreover, the temperature of the hot water is always maintained at a moderate temperature for you to enjoy a dip. In addition to soaking in the hot water from nature, you can also experience many types of services such as mud bath, Onsen bath, coffee bath, milk bath, wine bath, lemongrass bath... Besides relaxing benefits, reducing Stress, spring bath services, mud baths also help you to beautify and take care of your skin naturally effectively.

Mud bath at Than Tai hot spring in DanangMud bath at mineral spring park


The amusement park at Than Tai mountain hot mineral spring park includes water games suitable for all family members, especially children such as water guns or wave slides. Besides, karaoke services, restaurants or simply the experience of boiling eggs with hot grill and enjoying are also extremely interesting. After having fun, you can enjoy delicious Da Nang dishes, unique and impressive dishes here.

Play area at Than Tai hot spring in DanangThe amusement park has many games suitable for all ages 

Water park

Diverse games, from light games to adventure games are always the favorite choice of many visitors when visiting this Water Park. Games for you to experience at the water park such as artificial wave pool (153m2), rainbow slide...

Long Tien cave and lazy river

Long Tien cave with lazy river is one of the impressive attractions when visiting Than Tai hot spring. Long Tien cave is inspired by the legend of the Dragon and the Fairy with the dragon statue of 3 dragons spraying water and the fairy reaching out to welcome her child. Below the statue is a lazy river built from the natural mineral spring itself.

Long Tien cave and lazy riverLong Tien cave and lazy river

Onsen Tower

This is a collective "bathing fairy" with large Japanese-style bathtubs. As we all know, Onsen bathing method is derived from natural hot springs in Japan formed from volcanoes (already active). Than Finance Hot Spring Park is the only place in Vietnam certified by Beppu city (Japan) - the cradle of the famous Onsen bathing method.

Onsen TowerThe Onsen Tower is a collective 'fairy bath' with a large Japanese-style bath

Hopefully the above sharing of MOTOGO will help you have an ideal trip during your vacation to Da Nang with your family and loved ones.

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