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28 An Thuong 1 street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city
Helio Night Market (Khu Ẩm thực đêm Helio)
  Helio night market is vibrant from 17h00 to 22h30 every day, taking place with the scale of 4 monumental subdivisions, attracting thousands of visitors every night, giving customers a diverse and unique culinary experience when coming to Da Nang. Under the shimmering lights, 150 attractive food stalls make up the busiest subdivision of Helio night market with all kinds of cuisines combining East-West and cultures around the world. You can find here the traditional features of Da Nang people with specialties of Banh Xeo, vermicelli, noodles, ... or the rich flavor of tokbokki rice cakes, Mixed rice, Dimsum, dumplings, ... refreshments. tropical with milk tea, juice or fruit snacks, mango, guava, and strong summer flavor. All dishes are clearly priced, ranging from 10,000 VND to 35,000 VND for you to enjoy the exciting buffet buffet. Get ready to get drunk, enjoy dozens of delicious grilled dishes and join the exciting "dzo" brothers. The unique Beer and Grill space of Helio Night Market is impressed by the "starlight" dome with colorful silk ribbons with the direction of a famous European Beer Festival. You can choose to enjoy 1 alcoholic drink or get drunk with 70 domestic and imported beers; Sip on a delicious barbecue or indulge with delicious grilled chicken and skewers, while dancing to the live music on stage. It is truly the most vibrant space with endless rounds of generous toasts filled with friendship and exciting and exciting tropical space.


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