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28 An Thuong 1 street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city
Nam Danh Seafood (Hải Sản Năm Đảnh)

Nam Danh Seafood is a famous seafood restaurant in Da Nang. Among countless restaurants and seafood eateries in the coastal city of Da Nang, Nam Danh seafood restaurant still has an "indisputable" attraction to not only locals but also tourists. The highlight of this seafood restaurant lies in the relatively cheap price per dish. Most of the menus from crabs, squid, snails, fish, scallops, etc. are all priced at 60,000 VND, the rest have some dishes that fall in the range of 90,000 - 150,000 VND only. Seafood is cheap, but the quality is considered fresh and every dish is delicious and suitable for the majority of diners. Going to the shop will be quite difficult if you are not a local, because the shop is located in an alley. However, there are still a lot of locals and tourists coming, proving the popularity and attraction of the dishes. So don't hesitate to come and try it out!

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